The Connector Next Door with Lisa Gareau

Wakefield Brewster, Lyrical Pitbull, Humble Poet, and Natural Connector

February 17, 2022 Lisa Gareau Season 1 Episode 22
The Connector Next Door with Lisa Gareau
Wakefield Brewster, Lyrical Pitbull, Humble Poet, and Natural Connector
Show Notes

Wakefield Brewster – “Da Lyrical Pitbull” – is a proud, professional poet, spoken word artist, and Professional Poetic Interpreter™️.

Since January 1999, Wakefield has been known as one of Canada’s most popular and prolific Performance Poets.

He is a black man born and raised in Toronto, by parents hailing from the island of beautiful Barbados, and he has called Calgary home since 2006.

In 2019, he was appointed as the very First Resident Poet & Spoken Word Artist of The Grand Theatre House in Calgary, Alberta and currently sits on the Board of Directors of the E.A.R. Society – Emergency Artist’s Relief Society, providing emergency relief funding and affordable Health Care for Artists.

Wakefield says one of his greatest presents to the world is bringing a poetic presence into places where people don’t expect poetry to be.

In this age of information and sharing stories, Wakefield believes in the power language and in this artistic form – the live expression of these stories. He believes poetry is a way of bringing people together. A way to create safe place for people to connect.

These days Wakefield is everywhere but it was a gift to slow down, have a seat on his virtual couch, and discuss how connection is built through poetry and to hear more about the passion he carries for the spoken word … and it’s unifying nature.

You can find Wakefield – everywhere online – AND at his NEW website at  


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